Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tried and True-Mini Condiment Cupcakes

Tried and true. Well, sort of. More like two great recipe ideas combined! I saw a recipe for cupcakes for two, which I thought was a fantastic idea! Then, I saw another idea about making cupcakes in condiment cups so that they're mini! Since you'd need like a million condiment cups for a whole batch of cupcakes, I thought combining these two ideas would be perfect! So, the Mini Condiment Cupcakes were born! I started with this recipe: click here, for cupcakes for two (which I'm sure would also make a great recipe on it's own). I grabbed some extra condiment cups from a fast food restaurant (I used 12...). I put the condiment cups in a mini muffin tin to give them some extra support (even though they weren't quite the right size). They're in the oven now, take a look:
You have to admit those look amazing!! They cooked for about 13 minutes and now need to cool. Here's a few pictures of how they came out (pre-frosting...)

I think I'm just going to use store-bought frosting, but you could also just make a smaller portion of homemade frosting (AllRecipes has a great feature where it will adjust the ingredient measurements to fit the number of servings you want to make...). Enjoy!

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